tisdag, maj 08, 2007

Dagens ord

- Hey Dude... Do you drink coffee? säger DudeForell.
- Me? What kind of answer do you want? ´Course I do... svarar jag snabbt.
- Anyway.. My ex girlfriend called me up yesterday. On our 2 year exaversiry?
- What? On your what?! Ex a a aa...
- Exaversiry. On our exaversiry.
- And that is?
- It is not our anniversiry. We broke up 2 years ago. My ex. Exaversiry.
- Nevere heard it before.
- Yeah. I just made it up.
- Exaversiry... Why did she call?
- Probably because she is looking for a place to stay. Probably she's homeless.
- Where does she live?
- Miami.

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